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Nightlife Dress Code Guide to Dress Code Policies at LA clubs · Los Angeles Hollywood Nightlife Nightclub Dress Code Dos and Do Not · What to Wear Clubbing LA

Nightlife Party Guide To Dress Code Policies At Top Nightclubs In Los Angeles

Most LA top clubs will enforce a dress code of some sort. Almost all clubs are the same. Fashionable, upscale attire is required to be granted entry. Playhouse maintains the highest standards of dress attire for all of their patrons. Girls can get away with wearing anything. The standard night out for a girl involves a tight dress and a pair of heels. There are other combinations that work (i.e. skirt with a cute top, tight black pants with a sexy top, etc.), but it is rare that you see a girl in jeans at a nightclub. Males have to toe the line between business casual and trendy chic. In addition, guys must adhere to more of a patchwork of exceptions. Read more about popular L.A. nightlife trends and dress code online at

Dress Code Policy: what to wear to a club and what to not wear

As you now know, just because it is against the formal dress code doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t occasionally get through the door. Dress code is often overlooked if you show up with a very stylish look. Yet, there are things that are universally “not allowed” per official dress codes: baggy jeans, sports hats, tennis shoes, shoes that are considered too “sports like,” shorts, cut-offs, Capri’s, jerseys, and beanies. Jeans are completely acceptable at every club in LA. You just want to make sure that your jeans look good since most LA top clubs frown upon torn, rugged jeans. Furthermore, you shouldn’t try to walk in wearing really baggy jeans.

What about my shoes? You are always safe with leather and dress shoes. You can even occasionally get away with low profile “tennis shoes” as long as they look dressy enough and don’t have any huge logos on them. Most LA top clubs have relaxed the rules on shoes if you compensate elsewhere in your outfit.

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For revelers with a taste for the high-life, Playhouse offers VIP options that will make you feel like royalty. Review our VIP party packages and contact us today to reserve your A-list Hollywood club real estate inside the best club party in L.A. nightlife, Playhouse Nightclub. Questions about dress code? Help booking your bottle service? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Need help selecting the right party? Call or text us at +1 (310) 749-9029.

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