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Going to college in Los Angeles is a pretty great opportunity. College students in Los Angeles not only have a great education at their fingertips, but also a fantastic college nightlife at their disposal. If you’re over twenty-one, the city offers an incredible list of hot spots frequented by the Hollywood A-list.

A Student’s Guide to College Nightlife in Los Angeles

Picking a favorite watering hole is as much a collegiate right of passage as deciding on your third change of major. Unfortunately the weekend only comes once a week and sadly only consists of two days. It’s fair enough to say that once it finally arrives, college students want to make the best of it. However, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do on those two important days every week. Especially since we’re surrounded by countless great dance clubs to choose from in Los Angeles. But don’t fret. We scoped out a few notoriously student-heavy dance clubs around the city to see how L.A.’s young scholars are really spending their student loans. And after visiting many LA top clubs, we’ve come up with the perfect night out in Los Angeles for students.

A fun place to go dance and keep the drinks flowing is Playhouse. Playhouse is one of the most popular Hollywood clubs among college students and eager young club kids. Located in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, Playhouse is literally in the heart of Hollywood. It has a prime location with plenty of other options surrounding it that will appeal to everyone in the group. However, Playhouse should not disappoint. It features one of best dance floors complimented by intelligent lighting and a superb sound system.

Ultimate College Nightlife Destination | Playhouse LA

Playhouse is the preferred party destination for L.A.’s jet set; a lively mix of Hollywood club kids, well-dressed Valley commuters, college students, bachelorette and birthday celebrants. The venue stretches 13,000 sq. ft. across three levels, and has a 750-person capacity. Playhouse is open two nights a week and boasts four bars, a VIP section, aerialist bartenders, circus-style performances, and intriguing design elements to keep guests captivated, as well as a glittering schedule of special guests. It’s not as exclusive as Nightingale, but is much larger and proves just as much fun (with less hassle to get in and reasonably priced drinks).

If you’re a new kid on campus, you might want to take note and checkout this extremely popular L.A. hot spot!

Playhouse Nightclub College Nightlife

Playhouse is L.A. nightlife spiked with Vegas revelry. The impressive high ceiling space is dominated by a huge oval bar presided over by scantily-clad bartenders. Caged go-go dancers flank both sides of the sunken dance floor, where dance fiends and singles on the prowl elbow their way into the jam-packed space to party with Valley kids and the tight-dress set. It’s three-ring bedlam that die-hard club fans won’t want to miss; a whirlwind combination of high design, circus visuals, and great performances.

Gain Access to Best L.A. College Nightlife in One Click!

For those with a taste for the high-life, Playhouse is where to find the best of college nightlife in LA. Contact us to reserve your exclusive VIP area with bottle service. Click below to fill out a short form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We will send you a confirmation and keep you in the loop each step of the way. Plus our services come at no cost to you.


If college nightlife is your thing, Playhouse is the perfect place for you. Watch as one of the most unforgettable nights of your life unfolds. As they say, ‘steal the scene’ at Playhouse and keep the memories forever. Please feel free to give us a call (or text) at +1 (310) 749-9029. We’d love to hear from you.

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