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Going to college in Los Angeles is a pretty great opportunity. College students in Los Angeles not only have a great education at their fingertips, but also a fantastic college nightlife at their disposal. If you’re over twenty-one, the city offers an incredible list of hot spots frequented by the Hollywood A-list.

College Nightlife in Los Angeles

Picking a favorite watering hole is as much a collegiate right of passage as deciding on your third change of major. Unfortunately the weekend only comes once a week and sadly only consists of two days. It’s fair enough to say that once it finally arrives, college students want to make the best of it. However, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do on those two important days every week. Especially since living in Los Angeles, we are surrounded by countless great dance clubs to choose from. But don’t fret. We scoped out a few notoriously student-heavy dance clubs around the city to see how L.A.’s young scholars are really spending their student loans.

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After visiting many LA top clubs, we’ve come up with the perfect night out in Los Angeles for students. If you’re a new kid on campus, you might want to take note and checkout the best college nightlife destination in L.A., Playhouse Nightclub. This LA top club is popular with a wide range of students and many other denizens of this glorious city. While you may not get into the VIP room without a famous friend, there is still a good time to be had at Playhouse. And, furthermore, it has a prime location with plenty of other options surrounding it that will appeal to your entire group.

Playhouse Hollywood is the ultimate L.A. College Nightlife destination.

Playhouse is lively mix of Hollywood club kids, well-dressed Valley commuters, college students, and birthday and bachelorette celebrants. The venue is a sprawling 13,000 sq. ft. of nocturnal bliss with Vegas-style atmosphere and sexy circus theme. Playhouse Nightclub is the preferred party destination for college students in LA. Contact us to experience the ultimate in college nightlife happening at L.A.’s Playhouse.

Playhouse is one of the most popular Hollywood clubs among college students and eager young club kids. The impressive high ceiling space is dominated by a huge oval bar presided over by scantily-clad bartenders who, when not slinging drinks, leap onto trapezes for some aerial acrobatics. Caged go-go dancers flank both sides of the sunken dance floor, where dance fiends and singles on the prowl elbow their way into the jam-packed space to party with Valley kids and the tight-dress set. This L.A. top club offers three-ring bedlam that die-hard club fans won’t want to miss. A whirlwind combination of high design, circus visuals, and great performances. Playhouse is the ultimate L.A. college nightlife destination spiked with Vegas revelry.

Reserve Your College Nightlife Real Estate at the Best LA Club Party Destination

For college students with a taste for the high-life, Playhouse offers the best college nightlife VIP clubbing experience will make you feel like royalty. Contact us today to reserve your A-list L.A. nightlife real estate inside the best place to experience college nightlife in L.A., Playhouse Nightclub. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or L.A. nightlife veteran, we’d love to hear from you. Need more information or help booking your bottle service? Let us know. Call us at +1 (310) 749-9029. If you do not hear from us within 24 hrs, or if you desire a quicker response, please send us a text message at +1 (310) 749-9029. Want more and get more. Book your party bus Hollywood VIP club package online at www.partybusnightclub.com

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