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Everything LA VIP club nightlife in Hollywood 2017 >>> Los Angeles Nightlife News and Whats Happening Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood -- Los Angeles Nightlife News Party Guide with nightclub guest list, bottle service, LA VIP club party bus packages to Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood with access to promoters for LA nightlife and party planning service. Complete Guide to all things to do Los Angeles nightlife Hollywood nightclub VIP clubbing.

Playhouse VIP Tables and Bottle Service Prices


Playhouse Bottle Service Prices Explained The most common question we are asked about is pricing. So what are bottle prices at Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood?

Bottle Service Hollywood

Bottle Service VIP

Bottle Service VIP-LA Club Packages · Playhouse VIP Table Choices · Best Deals on VIP Table Service · VIP Bottle Service FAQ · Bottle Service VIP Clubbing Guide

Playhouse LA best celebrity nightlife destination

Celebrity Nightlife

Where to see celebrities in Los Angeles · Celebrity Nightlife · Playhouse Hollywood · Celebrity Favorite Nightclub · Top Celebrity HotSpots · Celeb Sightings

BET Awards Party Guide 2017

BET Awards Party Guide 2017

2017 BET Awards Party Guide: BET Experience best LA Hip Hop Events · BET Weekend · BET Awards Party · BET 2017 Pre+Post Awards Show Events: Playhouse Nightclub

College Nightlife

Ultimate LA College Nightlife

Perfect Night Out in Los Angeles for Students: Playhouse Hollywood · L.A. Top Nightlife frequented by College Students · Where College Students Party in LA.

Birthday Bottle Service

Birthday Bottle Service

VIP Birthday Bottle Service. Have a birthday coming up or just planning a party? Celebrate in style and leave the planning to the pros with Top Club Birthday Packages.

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Upcoming Events | Playhouse LA | TBA Fridays | Sold Out Saturdays

Playhouse Nightclub Upcoming Event Schedule · Playhouse Hollywood Nightlife Events and Entertainment Calendar · Upcoming Events at Playhouse Nightclub · Playhouse Hollywood Events Schedule · Events Happening at Playhouse Hollywood · Playhouse Nightclub Holiday Special Events · Playhouse Nightclub hosts an assortment of prestigious events, plays world-class music with nationally acclaimed deejays and brings a glamorous crowd with a spotlight on customer service. Playhouse is a sought after destination for the young, beautiful, rich and well connected, who are always ready to spend money on bottle service and exclusive nightlife events at Hollywood top clubs in Los Angeles.

BET Weekend Yo Gotti 2017 Tickets

BET Weekend Yo Gotti 2017 Tickets

Los Angeles, CA
Playhouse Nightclub
24 Jun Saturday
BET Awards 2017 Saturday Playhouse Nightclub

BET Party Playhouse Nightclub Saturday

Los Angeles, CA
Playhouse Nightclub
24 Jun Saturday
Playhouse Nightclub TBA Fridays Hip Hop Events

Playhouse Nightclub Events | TBA Fridays

Los Angeles, CA
Playhouse Nightclub
30 Jun Friday
Playhouse Hollywood Stadium Saturdays

Playhouse Hollywood Stadium Saturdays

Los Angeles, CA
Playhouse Hollywood
1 Jul Saturday
Playhouse Hollywood New Years 2018 Tickets

Playhouse Hollywood New Years

6506 Hollywood Blvd
Playhouse Hollywood
31 Dec Sunday

VIP Nightlife Media Sneak Peek Playhouse Party Scene

Media. Playhouse Hollywood Nightclub is fun, sexy and entertaining. This exclusive Los Angeles nightlife destination will satisfy your Vegas cravings. Playhouse Bottle Service guarantees to bring you the best Hollywood nightlife satisfaction that you deserve. My favorite venue, hands down! Playhouse Hollywood Nightclub is the premier destination for the ultimate nightlife experience in Los Angeles. Your night will be filled with pure entertainment and exotic fun.

Playhouse Los Angeles Events Photo Gallery · Playhouse Hollywood Venue+Event Images · Playhouse LA Club Party Pictures

Playhouse Hollywood Clubbing Los Angeles Nightlife party photos of Playhouse Nightclub - international deejays, aerialists, celebrities galore! Located at 6506 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, Playhouse Nightclub is the ultimate destination for music lovers and fans of live entertainment. The versatility of the venue makes it a perfect choice for live concerts, shows, parties and other events. Playhouse Hollywood is equipped with a full bar that is packed with lip smacking concoctions, thereby ensuring that you don't remain thirsty. Do not miss performances by well known deejays and some real good music when in town. An ideal place to host both corporate and private parties, with all services available.

Playhouse Hollywood Nightclub

Playhouse Hollywood, popular with eager young club kids and college students, is an impressive high-ceiling space that is dominated by a huge oval bar presided over by scantily-clad bartenders who, when not slinging drinks, leap onto trapezes for some aerial acrobatics or regale the crowd with a provocative burlesque show in the elevated cages. Playhouse delivers the kind of spectacle normally reserved for big studio movies and Las Vegas dance palaces.

Playhouse Hollywood: Where To Party Vegas-Style When in Los Angeles

Playhouse Hollywood is a sprawling 10,500 sq. ft. of nocturnal bliss with a sexy circus theme. The venue hosts an assortment of prestigious events and was selected by Reuters as one of the “Top 10 Nightclubs In The World”. Playhouse is known as L.A.’s jet-set party playground to the stars. And this LA top club lives up to the hype with sleek modern interior. Futuristic steely walls dotted with illuminated bubbles line the lower level. A stage lit by neon lights hovers above the sunken dance floor. Playhouse delivers top-notch, A-list Hollywood nightlife in a Vegas-style atmosphere. There’s a plethora of nightclubs in LA. But one thing is for certain, Playhouse is where to party Vegas-style when in Los Angeles.

Playhouse Hollywood offers three-ring bedlam that die-hard club fans will not want to miss. A whirlwind combination of high design, circus visuals, and great performances. Scantily clad go-go dancers slither in half cages, ribbon dancers in lingerie twist and contort on thin sheets, and hostesses decked out in feather headdresses shimmy to VIP tables with buckets of bottles. Be forewarned. The Playhouse Hollywood nightlife experience becomes an addictive debauchery.

Playhouse Hollywood · Most Popular “All Eyes on Me” Nightlife Destination

The vibe of this Vegas-style club is see and be seen. A literal swarm of clubbers, an “in” crowd of sorts, down cocktails at three bars on the beehive-shaped first floor. Caged go-go dancers flank both sides of the dance floor. Dance fiends and singles on the prowl elbow their way into the jam-packed space to party with Valley kids and the tight-dress set. Intelligent disco lights and dozens of glowing red orb chandeliers throw dots of color over the fashionable crowd. Groups and couples lounge in leather booths to take in the show over bottle service. Some even lean over the railings to flirt with passing cuties. This place is an uber sexy party scene and literally is rocking every night. You really can’t go wrong.

Playhouse Hollywood LA Club Venue

Playhouse Hollywood · Relax or Play Dual Nightlife

Playhouse also has an upstairs lounge with retractable glass skylight roof and a slightly mellower vibe. High rollers can make their way to the elegant VIP upstairs lounge. The upstairs lounge features numerous gold and black banquettes, a second bar and DJ. On the upper VIP level, girls taking a break from sky-high stilettos lounge under a retractable sunroof sprinkled with glow in the dark plastic fireflies.

Playhouse Hollywood · Personalized Club Parties Built to Suit

Playhouse is where rumors are started and legendary nightlife is made. Come see for yourself the place everyone is talking about. Whether you are trying to shake off a bad week or celebrate a great one, Playhouse provides the perfect party atmosphere to revel with friends. Furthermore, this LA top club provides personalized nightlife built to suit. Experience evening made just for you by you. We know almost everyone always wants a little more out of the evening.

Playhouse Bottle Service staff delivers personalized club party packages built to suit any budget and personality. Upgrade YOUR nightlife with Bottle Service VIP at the best club in LA. Our team is readily available to answer any nightlife need and Playhouse related question. For a spectacular Playhouse L.A. top club night, give us a call or text at +1 (310) 749-9029.

Vegas-style LA Club

Vegas-style LA Club Party

Vegas-style LA Nightlife

Playhouse is a 10,500 sq. ft. Vegas-style LA club. Futuristic steely walls dotted with illuminated bubbles line lower level, and a stage lit by neon lights hovers above a sunken dance floor. Intelligent disco lights and dozens of glowing red orb chandeliers throw dots of color over the fashionable crowd. Groups lounge in leather booths to take in the show over bottle service, or lean over the railings to flirt with passing cuties. Stunning dancers and aerialists complete the experience designed for those who prefer their revelry spiked with risk.
VIP Table Service

Best LA VIP Table Service

Top VIP Table Service in Los Angeles

VIP table service isn't about bottled spirit, but rather it's for the real estate, prestige and attention that comes with purchase. Strip the commonplace practice down to its core, and it’s truly a study in ego-stroking, which means it’s less about the spirit hitting the ice bucket and more about the associated perks and frills. Upgrade your LA club experience and enjoy a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. VIP Table Service provides a private avenue to amplify evening festivities by enjoying the semi-seclusion of your own reserved area. VIP table service best in L.A.!
Top LA Nightlife Club

Top LA Nightlife Club Party

Tight-Dress Set LA Nightlife

Playhouse delivers top-notch LA nightlife with live performers, go-go dancers and aerial acrobats. One step inside this celeb-infested party haven will have you partying late into the night, Vegas-style. The energy is exciting, electric and so contagious that once you’ve been struck by the electric vibes, you’ll never want to leave. Caged go-go dancers flank both sides of the sunken dance floor, where dance fiends and singles on the prowl elbow their way into the jam-packed space to party with Valley kids and tight-dress set at Playhouse Nightclub.
VIP Lounge Two Level LA Club

VIP Lounge Upstairs

Relax or Play Dual Nightclub in L.A.

Playhouse features both an upper and lower level dance floor. The upstairs VIP lounge, appropriately named 'The Balcony,' features a retractable glass skylight, vibrant color, and rich textiles. High rollers can make their way to the elegant VIP lounge upstairs, which features numerous gold and black banquettes, a second bar and DJ, and a slightly mellower vibe under a retractable sunroof sprinkled with glow in the dark plastic fireflies. The most unexpected indoor patio in Hollywood found exclusively at L.A.'s Playhouse.

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