Playhouse Bottle Service Prices Explained

The most common question we are asked about is pricing. So what are bottle prices at Playhouse Hollywood? Playhouse Bottle prices start at $450. Well liquors (e.g. Jack Daniels) will be the cheapest (around $450) while the more “premium” vodkas (e.g. Grey Goose and Belvedere) are $500 and up. Majority of bottles are one liter size.

Bottle Prices Non-Negotiable But Table Min To Spend Flexible!!!

What Are The Average Prices For VIP Tables?

The average RSVP is a 2 bottle min. Playhouse quotes table min prices based on group size and ratio of guys to girls. And yes, more girls than guys is always best. * If it is a bigger DJ the table minimums go up. * Large groups of guys should expect to buy 1 bottle for every 4-5 guys at a popular club on a busy night. * Mixed groups of girls and guys get a bit more flexibility; but usually still need at least one bottle per four guys. * Groups of girls have a bit more flexibility (e.g. Approx. 4-6 girls / bottle). For a real-time quote, give us a call at (310) 749-9029.

What Are VIP Table Minimum Prices At Playhouse?

 Table Location / * Refer to Table Map   Min. Spend     # of Guests     VIP Table Description / * Refer to Table Floor Plan  
Upstairs VIP room 
5 guests
Small table Upstairs in new VIP room.
Upstairs VIP room (Large) 
8 guests
Large table Upstairs in new VIP room.
SG1 · SG2 · SG3 · SG4
6 guests
Small table on dance floor in front stage.  
105-106 · 205-206 
10 guests
VIP table on main level in Main room.
104 · 204  
10 guests
Large booth overlooking dance floor.
101-103 · 201-203  
18 guests
Large round booths (price based on group size).
501-503 · 601-603  
12 guests
Dance floor Large Table close to stage.
DJ1 · DJ2 · DJ3  
Extreme VIP table on stage (info upon request).

What is the Lowest Price to Book a Table at Playhouse?

The lowest cost for the fewest people would be a 4-person VIP table at $500. These tables are located in the newly remodeled upstairs VIP lounge of the club. Your table comes with standard mixers and a personal cocktail waitress to tend to any bottle service needs. * Check out the table floor map to see the VIP table locations. *

What Are The Prices To Book Tables In Main Room At Playhouse?

The main room min to spend starts at $1,500. You will be in the center of the action with great views of celebrity live shows and top hip hop DJs. The best VIP tables are located on the dance floor, $1,500 – $2,000 [*Table min to spend increase for special events]. All of your spend goes directly to your bottles at the nightclub itself. We don’t charge any extra fees for our services. TAX and TIP are NOT included – expect to add approximately 10% tax, 2% operational fees, and 20% gratuity. To RSVP with VIP, please give us a call at +1 (310) 749-9029.

Playhouse Nightclub Venue 2017 Remodel

What Is Included In Bottle Service Prices?

How Does Playhouse Bottle Service Work?

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