Playhouse Bottle Service Prices Explained.

The most common question we are asked about is pricing. So what are bottle prices at Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood? Playhouse starts their bottle prices from $450-$500 per bottle. Well liquors like Jack Daniels will be the cheapest (around $450), with the more “premium” vodkas like Grey Goose & Belvedere starting from $500 and upwards.

Bottle Prices Are Not Negotiable!!

The price per bottle is NOT negotiable!! But what CAN be negotiated is your minimum spend for the group you are bringing. The unwritten rules basically relate to the makeup of your group.

Large groups of guys should expect to buy 1 bottle for every 4-5 guys at a popular club on a busy night. Mixed groups of girls and guys get a bit more flexibility, but usually still need at least one bottle per 4 guys. Groups of girls have a bit more flexibility – usually 4-6 girls per bottle.

If you haven’t done bottle service before, this might sound expensive, and if you haven’t figured out the budget with your group then you should probably do this before speaking with us – because if all you have is a few hundred dollars, this doesn’t go far in Hollywood.

BUT when you break it down, you’ll quickly find out that bottle service really isn’t as expensive as it sounds. When you factor in the fact that it covers express, no-hassle club entry for your group, lots of alcohol, your own spot in the VIP area, bottle service is your ticket to the ultimate night out. While everyone else is lining up to get into the club, lining up to pay for $15 drinks at the bar, then trying to find somewhere comfortable to hang out – you’re having the time of your life raging in the VIP area.

What are Bottle Prices At Playhouse?


Belvedere $500
Magnum Belvedere $900
Ciroc All Flavors $500
Ciroc Magnum All Flavors $900


Don Julio $500
Don Julio 1942 $800
DeLeon $500
Patron Platinum $900
Patron Platinum Magnum $1800


Bombay Sapphire $450
Bacardi $450


Hennessy VS $500
Hennessy XO $800


Jack Daniels $450
Jameson $450
Johnnie Walker Black $500


Imperial $450
Imperial Magnum $800
Nectar Rose $600
Nectar Rose Magnum $1200


Magnum $1600
Jeroboam 3L $4000
Methuselah 6L $10000
Rose $1100
Magnum Rose $2600
Rose Jeroboam 3L $5000


Magnum $2000
Jeroboam 3L $4000
Methuselah 6L $8000
Rose $1200
Rose Magnum $2400


Magnum $900
Salmanazar 9L $3000
Balthazar 12L $4000
Rose $1100
Nebuchadnezzar $6000

What Are VIP Table Minimum Prices At Playhouse?

Table Options # of Guests  Min. Spend Location
VIP Lounge Table
8 Guests
 $1,000 plus tax & tip 
Large Table near upstairs bar.
Main Floor Riser
12 Guests
 $1,500 plus tax & tip 
Roped off elevated table next to dance floor.  
Table on dance floor 
12 Guests
 $2,000 plus tax & tip 
Dance Floor Table, not roped off.
Booth on Dance Floor  
15 Guests
 $2,500 plus tax & tip 
Roped off dance floor booth.

Entry level tables at Playhouse Nightclub start at $1,000 and are typically at locations in the upstairs VIP lounge of the club. Tables in the main room are priced starting from $1,500 – $2,500 and have you in the center of the action with great views of the live performance and DJs. The best tables are priced starting from $2,500 and are near the dance floor. All of your spend goes directly to your bottles at the nightclub itself, and we do not charge any extra fees for our services. TAX and TIP are NOT included – expect to add approximately 10% tax, 2% operational fees, and 20% gratuity. To RSVP with VIP, call/text +1 (310) 749-9029.

Playhouse Bottle Service VIP Table Prices

What Is Included In Bottle Service Prices

Skip general admission fees. Nightclub general admission lines are very chaotic. Wait times are equally long. And time is money! Plus general admission tends to range between $20-$40 per person and even more on nights with special events. VIP bottle service is the best bet to avoid all this annoyance and maximize your Playhouse party night out!

Drink, socialize and party at your own private table and space to enjoy the night. Feel free to dance and mingle without getting run into by others. Plus you have the ability to sit as well. Having a table makes it easier to meet new friends and invite them to come party with you. Table service also is 100% more upscale and makes it way easier to be noticed by everyone in the club, and you have the top unblocked views of the live performances and DJs.

You have waitresses, bussers, and security that work just for you and the tables in your area. VIP Table service means full service. There is no reason for you to have to go to the bar or make your own drinks. You’ll have an extremely attractive waitress set to take care of you for the entire night. Security makes sure only the right people can enter your table areas. And bussers help with the entire service and make sure you have a smooth experience. Furthermore, if you are a group of all guys know that girls in the club are looking for a table to hang out at and enjoy drinks with. They will be eating out of your hands. To reserve your VIP, call/text +1 (310) 749-9029.

How Does Playhouse Bottle Service Work?

On the night of your event, you simply arrive at the club and check in with the staff at the bottle service entrance. The reservation will be held under your name at door. VIP Table location depends upon a few factors that include your arrival time and planned spend for the night. Early arrival always best, but if you’re running late just let us know so we can hold your preferred VIP table inside the club. VIP table real estate inside the club is precious. And, at Playhouse, the demand for ordering bottle service is high. Be aware that your RSVP comes with your own table and area to sit as well as your own waitress, busser, and security staff. You’ll be granted your own spot that is separate from the general public to dance, drink, and enjoy the event.

One Click Away From A Spectacular Playhouse LA Nightlife Experience.

Click below button to submit your Bottle Service RSVP directly to Playhouse. We will send you a confirmation and keep you in the loop each step of the way. Plus our services come at no cost to you. Watch as one of the most unforgettable nights of your life unfolds. As they say, ‘steal the night’ at Playhouse and keep the memories forever. If you do not hear from us within 24 hrs, or if you desire a quicker response, please send us a text message at +1 (310) 749-9029.

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